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Mei Hua in Mandarin means ‘Plum Blossom’ and in nature symbolises the start of the transformation of winter into spring, beautifying the bleak winter landscape with exquisite pink blossoms. Just like the transformations in nature, our bodies also change, bloom and mature. spring, beautifying the bleak winter landscape with exquisite pink blossoms. Just like the transformations in nature, our bodies also change, bloom and mature.the bleak winter landscape with exquisite pink blossoms. Just like the transformations in nature, oubodialso change, bloom and mature.

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Natural Healing after Pregnancy and Birth

Time for a change In recent times there has been more awareness of the need for post-natal recovery and support post birth for the new mother. Post birth recovery not only includes recovering from the birthing process, but also the previous nine months of pregnancy of growing and carrying a baby. Unfortunately, there is not…

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It takes 2 to create a baby

When nature is saying no The heartache of trying to conceive is so overwhelming deep. Month after month, when your period comes, you are grieving the child that has not yet come. Will it ever happen? Why can’t you conceive when your friends so easily can? It takes two to conceive a baby yet why…

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Your child’s birth story

We have all arrived here with stories told or untold. We all have a history, or a her-story. It is the tapestry of life that is woven on a web of our emotional, spiritual and physical journeys. All we have experienced is the road map to get us here. Where is here? Pregnant. With all…

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Repairing the uterus after C-section

Who is talking about healing C-sections? The rate of C-section in our modern world is extraordinary. C-section is one of the most common surgeries in the world. In Australia 1/3 of all births are a C-section. However there are relatively few people talking about healing after C-section. But why is this important? During a C-section,…

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Endometriosis, natural solutions and its effect on fertility

About endometriosis Women’s voices have started to be heard about the devastating effect endometriosis can have on their lives and bodies. Every woman’s story and experience is different. Some symptoms include excruciating pain and heavy periods.  There may be the inability to function in daily life, painful intercourse and inability to fall pregnant. No-one really knows…

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Treatment of PCOS with Chinese Medicine

Many women are turning to Chinese medicine for the treatment of Polycystic ovaries and Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Chinese medicine has a long history of treating gynecological problems and infertility. What is PCOS? PCOS is a condition that affects numerous women and their fertility. It is where the ovaries have 15 or more cysts. Every…

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Have you been told your eggs are no good?

How do you cope with negative fertility messages? Have you visited your GP or gynecologist to find out why you are struggling to conceive? Only to be told your eggs are old, your eggs are no good, you have low ovarian reserve or your endometrium is not thick enough. How did make it you feel?…

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Development through the months of pregnancy according to Classical Chinese Medicine – Part 2

Here we continue on from the previous article regarding the development and recommendations during pregnancy. We are focusing on months 4-6. The fetus is now receiving nourishment from the placenta. The fetus is now starting to receive energy from the 5 elements – water, fire, earth, metal, wood. You can find more information on the…

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Birth preparation with acupuncture

It can be information overload when you are pregnant. There are so many books, videos, classes and  advice. It can be overwhelming. As birth approaches, there may be many physical and emotional ailments that can affect well-being and the natural transition into labour. Often the first time many people hear of acupuncture during pregnancy if…

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