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The emotional pain of infertility can really rock the core of women, the waiting, the wondering, the sleepless nights of not knowing when or even if they can conceive. The inability to conceive is heartbreaking, and 1 in 6 couples in Australia struggle with this. More and more couples are turning to Chinese medicine to enhance the ability to conceive.

Chinese medicine has a long history, over 2,500 years, and it offers a wholistic approach to improving the outcomes of fertility. Chinese medicine takes into account the person, the daily life style factors, physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Treatment includes ongoing personalised care and support with acupuncture and herbal medicine teas, and may also include diet and lifestyle changes if necessary.

Undergoing fertility treatment is a commitment of at least 3 months and it may require treatment for over a year or 2, and even then, there are no guarantees of success. However Chinese medicine has helped many couples to conceive naturally or assisted through IVF.

If you are struggling with fertility please contact Julienne.