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A painless and peaceful pregnancy, is it possible?

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Are you experiencing pain, discomfort, anxiety and run-away emotions? Are you feeling exhausted and sick, wishing it was all over? Do you wonder how pregnancy could be this bad!?!? Are physical ailments and emotional roller coasters affecting the quality of your life … and possibly even your relationships?

Surely it could be better?

Imagine a calm and peaceful time of growing a baby in your womb. It is tranquil and serene. Your feeling of love is truly overwhelming. Your thoughts are positive, loving, caring, and nurturing.

The wonders of growing a new being is an experience like no other.

How do you get there?

Pregnancy is indeed a magic time, and it can be a painless and pleasant experience that develops even stronger bonds with your loved ones. Pregnancy is not a disease. It is a natural biological process that women are designed to do. If you are in pain or discomfort, it is your body’s way of telling you it needs some attention.

But it’s frustrating, being told there is nothing to be done, that you just have to put up with it, that it’s just a part of pregnancy, and it will resolve itself after birth.

You don’t have to accept that as your fate. There are simple and gentle techniques that may help improve your health and well-being during pregnancy.

Wise women traditions

There are a number of tools we can use that come to us from the wisdom of oriental therapies, and the teachings of wise women from traditional societies. My treatments involve these simple and gentle techniques that help promote health and ease during pregnancy.

You don’t need to put up with pain and discomfort, the whirlwind of emotions, and exhaustion. Contact me to learn more or to set a time to meet.