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Women's Health

A Wholistic Women's Health Clinic

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Natural support during your life's health and wellness journey as you continually transform throughout your life.

Mei Hua in Mandarin means ‘Plum Blossom’ and in nature symbolises the start of the transformation of winter into spring, beautifying the bleak winter landscape with exquisite pink blossoms. Just like the transformations in nature, our bodies also change, bloom and mature.


The first major transformation begins with a young girl evolving into a woman at puberty with the beginning of the monthly moon or menstrual cycle.

For some young girls the transformation is easy, for others it may be fraught with pain and the influences of fluctuating hormonal changes.

Women hood

The next major transformation is leaving school, home and starting university, college, or a new job where we learn to be an individual, separate from our family or our parents.

Here we mature and find our identify, crafting our own destiny in life.


For some women there is the transformation from adulthood to parenthood. It is a major life change when a woman becomes pregnant. Some of us breeze through being able to fall pregnant and experience a great pregnancy and birth while some of us will experience difficulties such as the inability to become pregnant, many miscarriages, terrible morning sickness, puffing up like a balloon or traumatic labour and birth. There are of course all the possibilities in between.

And then there is motherhood…


In our 40’s and 50's we begin to go through changes while approaching menopause and this transformation may go on for years. While some women sail through this metamorphosis without symptoms, others may experience heat signs, insomnia, anxiety, weight gain, and/or dryness.

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