Finding Balance and Peace during Menopause

By Dr Julienne Tatkovic | May 14, 2020

Lifestyle Changes for Wellness during Menopause Lifestyle changes may help in  prolonging the effect of treatment you receive for menopausal symptoms and also for long-term benefit. Not only will they help with reducing symptoms of the change you are experiencing, they will also improve your quality of life and sense of well being. Stress reduction In a…

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Finding calm during the wave of massive change

By Dr Julienne Tatkovic | March 31, 2020

Finding calm during a wave of massive change. Everything is changing. Everything that was normal to us is now restricted. We can not travel, go to the park, see our friends. What is was normal is no longer normal. In this time, I am not unaffected. I am finding myself fearful and full of anxiety.…

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Detox your liver this spring!

By Dr Julienne Tatkovic | September 6, 2019

It is Spring! Winter is behind us and it is time to give your body a jump start and refresh your health after the colder months. Are you suffering from allergies, feeling sluggish or fatigued? Maybe you are suffering from signs of hormonal imbalance like PMS and irregular periods? Are your eyes twitching or even…

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Endometriosis, natural solutions and its effect on fertility

By Dr Julienne Tatkovic | March 18, 2019

About endometriosis Women’s voices have started to be heard about the devastating effect endometriosis can have on their lives and bodies. Every woman’s story and experience is different. Some symptoms include excruciating pain and heavy periods.  There may be the inability to function in daily life, painful intercourse and inability to fall pregnant. No-one really knows…

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Beautiful facial mask with honeysuckle and rose flowers

By Dr Julienne Tatkovic | February 4, 2019

Honeysuckle flowers are a herb used in Chinese medicine formulas. It is often used in formulas for treating skin complaints as well as many other medicinal uses. Rose is used in many anti-aging skin products and has a beautiful fragrance. After using this facial mask, your face will feel so soft. It is great for…

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Fertility – are you playing Russian roulette?

By Dr Julienne Tatkovic | December 15, 2018

What does a healthy pregnancy actually mean? The outcome of pregnancy is a mother, baby and a family unit. To have a healthy pregnancy we also want to have a healthy mum and healthy baby at the end with a partner that feels included and empowered to love and protect the new family unit. ‘Healthy’…

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5 health benefits of fertility massage

By Dr Julienne Tatkovic | December 14, 2018

Are you looking for ways to improve your fertility? Are you struggling to conceive or want to improve your health prior to conceiving for a healthy pregnancy? Fertility massage is a technique that improves the health and functioning of your reproductive organs, improve blood and lymphatic flow as well as restoring the uterus to its…

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Helpful hints for menopausal weight gain

By Dr Julienne Tatkovic | November 26, 2018

Have you started putting on weight even though your diet and exercise routine hasn’t changed? And no matter what you do, you cannot shift the weight or it comes back with vengeance?  It is a common question I receive in clinic with women when they reach their menopausal years. So here are some helpful hints…

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Natural Healing after Pregnancy and Birth

By Dr Julienne Tatkovic | November 12, 2018

Time for a change In recent times there has been more awareness of the need for post-natal recovery and support post birth for the new mother. Post birth recovery not only includes recovering from the birthing process, but also the previous nine months of pregnancy of growing and carrying a baby. Unfortunately, there is not…

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It takes 2 to create a baby

By Dr Julienne Tatkovic | October 29, 2018

When nature is saying no The heartache of trying to conceive is so overwhelming deep. Month after month, when your period comes, you are grieving the child that has not yet come. Will it ever happen? Why can’t you conceive when your friends so easily can? It takes two to conceive a baby yet why…

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