Are you looking for ways to improve your fertility? Are you struggling to conceive or want to improve your health prior to conceiving for a healthy pregnancy? Fertility massage is a technique that improves the health and functioning of your reproductive organs, improve blood and lymphatic flow as well as restoring the uterus to its proper alignment. 

5 health benefits of fertility massage

1. Restores function to reproductive organs by stimulating blood and lymphatic flow to uterus and lower abdomen. If you are struggling to conceive or want to prepare your body for conception naturally or assisted, fertility massage helps by increasing blood flow to reproductive organs and promotes lymphatic drainage.

2. Helps to align the pelvic organs. Your uterus needs to be in proper alignment for it to function properly. If it is out of place, it can cause all sorts of problems including period pain, constipation, urinary issues and problems conceiving.

3. Regulates menstruation. The first step for fertile health is to have regular menstrual cycles. Fertility massage may also relieve symptoms often associated with the menstrual cycle.

4. Improves gynecological health. It can help decrease discomfort of pelvic pain, period pain, endometrial pain, ovarian cyst pain, prolapse and pain with intercourse.

5.Enhances fertility. By de-cluttering, de-congesting and restoring function to your reproductive organs, they function better. What is the function of our reproductive organs? To conceive, hold a pregnancy and birth.

Fertility massage is offered at Mei Hua Women’s Health Clinic in Redcliffe as a package of 3 or 6 treatments. As a part of the package you will learn self care belly massage that helps improve your menstrual and fertile health.