fertility challenges

Have you been told your eggs are no good?

How do you cope with negative fertility messages?

Have you visited your GP or gynaecologist to find out why you are struggling to conceive? Only to be told your eggs are old, your eggs are no good, you have low ovarian reserve or your endometrium is not thick enough.

How did make it you feel? The hope you held out was lost, did you feel in despair, dejected and hopeless?

However not all hope is necessarily lost.

There are lifestyle factors that may have contributed to your current fertility health. Often the body has been giving you signs that all is not right, yet you may have believed that it was normal.

Your fertility can change. Egg quality and quantity can change. Your endometrium can thicken. It may not be a pretty picture now. However if you make efforts to improve your health and lifestyle, your fertility report card may change.

Unfortunately been given a bad fertility report card adds additional stress to our bodies. This can negatively impact on your health, and ability to conceive.

You may believe all is lost and there is nothing you can do about the state of your fertility. May be you think your only option is assisted reproduction technology.

Not all is lost….

What I absolutely love about our body is the amazing ability it has to repair itself given the chance.

The first step is to take out what is not meant to be there. This is done therapeutically in treatments. For example one of the major reasons for infertility in Chinese medicine is cold stagnation in the uterus. In Chinese medicine therapy  there are special techniques such as cupping and moxabustion to remove cold.

Then we also ensure you are getting the right nutrients, and they are actually absorbed by the digestive system. You may be eating all the right foods.  But if your food factory cannot assimilate the nutrients then you are not getting the benefit of the healthy diet you are consuming.

Uterine alignment: Did you know if your uterus is out of place, it can have an effect on your menstrual cycle and fertility. During fertility treatments we spend time de-obstructing and aligning your uterine ligaments including working on adhesions that may be blocking circulation to your reproductive organs.

With the use of Chinese medicinal herbs we may improve your uterine lining, work on improving egg quality, regulating your menstrual cycle and hormones. A thorough health assessment is taken to ensure you are getting an individualized formula for your fertility health and well-being.

What you can do:

As part of our fertility package you learn self care techniques that you and your partner can do in your own home. This is where you are giving back to yourself and ensuring that you are getting the most out of the fertility package. However to start with It is a good idea to identify all the negative messages you are carrying about your body and see how they are not serving you.

Take some time out this week and write down all the negative things that have been said to you. Include what you say to yourself (your own thoughts are often your worst enemy). Make a conscious effort to identify these and see how they make you feel. Hopeless? Despairing? Not a whole woman? What is wrong with me?

Now write down what it is that you are proud of. You are embarking on a healing journey, it is something empowering, something to be proud of. You are now in charge of your own healing. It is your journey.

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