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Preconception care

The Garden of life for fertility

Preconception care is the improving your health with the view to plan a pregnancy. Planning a pregnancy is like planning to start a garden. We spend time nourishing the soil, digging it up, removing rocks and weeds. This is to get the garden ready to plant seeds for the right conditions for plants to flourish. Looking at preconception in this way helps us understand why preconception care in pregnancy is so important.

Egg Health

One myth that needs to be dispelled is that women have a finite number of eggs and that they age as we do. In fact it is possible to grow new eggs and in Chinese medicine we actually work on egg quality when we do preconception care. It takes an egg around 150 days from its immature state to maturity. That is 150 days – around 5 months of looking after your health to achieve optimum health. Acupuncture treatment  post period and around ovulation time, Chinese herbal medicinals and certain exercises  are used to improve blood flow to the ovaries.

Nourishing the Endometrium

Preconception care involves preparing your endometrium for egg implantation. This includes thickening the lining to ensure the embryo is well nourished before the placenta takes over. Preparing the endometrium includes removing clots in the uterus– considered the rocks and weeds in a garden. Women often see them in their period. Acupuncture pre-period is used to help improve the flow of the period and herbs during the period are prescribed for clearing out the old to generate the new.

Conception and emotions

Stress and our emotions are a very important factor in preconception care and throughout the whole pregnancy. Pregnancy is about flow and change. Our bodies become a home to a growing foetus and every day our body changes and grows to nourish and carry the growing life inside us. Like our body we need that fluidity, change and flow in our emotional life as well. Stress on the body can be very toxic. When our muscles are tensed and therefore do not receive nourishment, we are like a tightly wound rope, and if pulled too tightly will snap and unravel.

Look around you – at mother nature. The ebbs and flow of nature are a reality and to be truly at home in our body we need to relax and be natural. Find ways to bring more peace in your life and reduce the stress load. This may be through acupuncture, medicinal herbs, exercise, reflection and meditation.

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