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5 health benefits of fertility massage therapy

Are you looking for ways to improve your fertility? Are you struggling to conceive or want to improve your health prior to conceiving for a healthy pregnancy? Fertility massage therapy is known as abdominal and uterine therapy. It is an abdominal massage technique that improves the health and functioning of your reproductive organs, improve blood and lymphatic flow as well as helping to restoring the uterus to its proper alignment. It is an un-invasive external therapy.

When the pelvic area is congested, blood flow and lymphatic flow are impeded. By improving blood and lymphatic flow in the pelvis means the reproductive organs will get nourishment from fresh blood and the lymphatics are able to remove waste product from that area. If the reproductive organs are infused with nutrient rich blood, and the lymphatics are removing waste, the functioning of our reproductive organs improve.

The role of uterine ligaments

The uterus is in the centre of our body. When it is out of alignment it can cause a whole host of issues in our body. The uterus is attached to our body through tendons and usually has the ability to move freely. However this movement can be restricted which may cause problems such as period pain, fertility issues bowel issues and even varicose veins. The uterus can become out of alignment in a number of way. This falls (this may have happened as a child), stress, birth and weakness.

About fertility massage therapy

The fertility massage therapy is usually 3-6 sessions over a week or 2 as an intensive. The techniques works on our organs and tendons to help improve uterine alignment. One of the way we do this is soothing the energy of the liver qi to help relax the tendons and muscles around the pelvic region. You can learn more about the role of liver qi in fertility here. The techniques are gentle yet make profound changes to our physical and energetic body. It is also very relaxing.

5 health benefits of fertility massage

1. Restores function to reproductive organs by stimulating blood and lymphatic flow to uterus and lower abdomen. If you are struggling to conceive or want to prepare your body for conception naturally or assisted, fertility massage helps by increasing blood flow to reproductive organs and promotes lymphatic drainage. By removing congestion and restoring proper flow, your reproductive organs can receive the proper nourishment and waste removal they need to function efficiently.

2. Helps to align the pelvic organs. Your uterus needs to be in proper alignment for it to function properly. If it is out of place, it can cause all sorts of problems including period pain, constipation, urinary issues and problems conceiving. The uterus can tip to the front, to the back or to the sides. This causes congestion in the pelvic region which can effect reproduction and digestive issues.

3. Regulates menstruation. The first step for fertile health is to have regular menstrual cycles. Fertility massage may also relieve symptoms often associated with the menstrual cycle. By realigning the uterus, we can get better flow of blood in menstruation and even reducing pain.

4. Improves gynecological health. It can help decrease discomfort of pelvic pain, period pain, endometrial pain, ovarian cyst pain, prolapse and pain with intercourse.

5. Enhances fertility. By de-cluttering, de-congesting and restoring function to your reproductive organs, they function better. What is the function of our reproductive organs? To conceive, hold a pregnancy and birth.

Fertility massage therapy, known as uterine and abdominal therapy is offered at Mei Hua Women’s Health Clinic in Redcliffe as a package of 3 or 6 treatments. As a part of the package you will learn self care belly massage that helps improve your menstrual and fertile health that you can do at home.

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