rethinking fertiity

Rethinking Fertility

Fertility is creation

Rethinking fertility treatments. Sometimes when you are so stressed and anxious about falling pregnant and having a baby, you may forget the end goal. Fertility is creation. The creation of life, the coming together of the male and female essence to create life. To support creation, we need to nurture your body, to create the right ingredients to enable the creation of life. This is to enable the nurturing of new life and also growth in the womb. The end goal is not just a baby, but a healthy baby. And don’t forget, the end goal is not just a mother, but a healthy mother. It is not just a family but a cohesive healthy supportive family to enable the growth of the baby, its life and its spirit.

Fertility needs the right ingredients

Fertility treatment is about laying foundation. Laying down the building blocks of life. To naturally let life bloom and flourish. Like that of a blooming flower. In the beginning, you have a bud. Without nourishment it will not flourish and bloom. It needs the right ingredients to do this. Fertility treatment is to support your body to create. To support your body to have the means to create and then nourish. And then to support your body to create, nourish and give birth. After birth, to ensure you have the nourishment to mother. You need a healthy mother as well as a healthy baby.

A fertile body

What does it mean to be fertile? Healthy eggs and sperm and an environment where they meet is a starting point. A healthy rich nourished environment in your womb to enable growth, a body that has the strength to support and carry and give birth. Post birth a body strong,  resilient to recover from pregnancy and birth as well as nourish and support the continued growth of a child. A healthy baby, a healthy mother a healthy family.

When your body is not fertile

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself given the right environment and right ingredients. First of all you need to take out what is not meant to be there. To declutter. This may also include looking at the reason your body is struggling to conceive. Your lifestyle, stress levels, mindset, the food you eat the fluids you drink. Things may need to change. The body needs balance. The right balance of hormones, the right balance of temperature. A balance of lifestyle, enough sleep, enough rest. It is not like achieving a degree, achieving a job and if you work hard enough you will get what you want. Rethinking fertility. Sometimes it is so easy to get lost in the process. Do you want to learn more?

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