Detox your liver this spring!

It is Spring! Winter is behind us and it is time to give your body a jump start and refresh your health after the colder months. While you can do a liver detox at any time, spring is the best season for a detox. The liver in one of the most congested organs in this modern world.

Are you suffering from allergies, feeling sluggish or fatigued? Maybe you are suffering from signs of hormonal imbalance like PMS and irregular periods? Are your eyes twitching or even struggling to sleep? It is time for a liver detox! With all the fat, chemicals, processed foods and medications. These all have an effect of the functioning of the liver.

The liver organ has so many vital functions in the body. It has functions that effect your digestive system, immune system and metabolism. In fact it has been found to have about 500 functions in our body.

Just like a sponge

Why detox your liver this spring? Imagine your liver as a huge sponge which is constantly absorbing everything you clean in your homes. If you don’t wring it out and clean it, it becomes full, dirty and inefficient. So doing a liver detox helps improve its function. The liver is your detox organ in your body and it constantly filters your blood removing waste. It can become overburdened and sends you all sorts of signals telling you it needs a little help.

Its effect on emotions

In Chinese medicine, not only is the liver organ system important as a cleansing organ it is also important for regulating your emotions and helps with being happy and resilient. It you have suffered a lot of stress or struggling with emotional issues, detoxing the liver is a great place to start your healing process.

When we feel frustration or are quick to anger, feeling impatient or other emotional difficulties, this is linked to liver imbalance. If the liver is in balance, we have resilience, feel calm and don’t experience stress or tension.

Why Spring?

One of the livers functions is the production of bile which helps to metabolise fats. During winter is it is natural to increase fat consumption to help keep our bodies warm. This is one of the reasons why we tend to eat more during winter. In spring, when the weather starts to warm, we no longer need these fat stores to warm our body. This is one of the reasons why Spring is a fantastic time to do a liver detox.  

In Chinese medicine, liver is connected with the wood element, and its season is spring. The energy of spring is about new growth and expansion. It is the time to eat lots of lighter foods like leafy greens and bean shoots. In liver it is also the time to use lighter cooking methods. We move from the slow cooked stews and soups to stir frying food.

What does a liver detox involve?

Over the next 4 weeks you will receive one acupuncture session a week with a herbal detox program. The first session includes an in-depth health assessment. This is a great way to kick start your health and wellbeing, address your allergies and digestive issues and reduce stress.

You can sign up for a 4 week liver detox program at Mei Hua Chinese Medicine Clinic. Places are limited. Click here to sign up.

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