5 ways to help with fatigue

Fatigue can be so debilitating. Where we really struggle to get through the day, or think clearly, to make decisions, or to get out of bed. There are times in our lives when we may be hit with fatigue, and there can be many reasons why we are fatigued. It can be a result of , having a busy life style, or juggling to much with very little time to rest and restore our energy.

We can also be fatigued during or after an illness and it takes us time to get our energy levels back up or it could be too much caffeine during the day and simply a lack of sleep. Or insomnia. Or medications we take. What ever the cause, when we are fatigued it is difficult to get through the day.

Fatigue may be a result of not having a healthy diet and eating too many processed foods. It can also be from having a healthy diet, but not having the digestive capacity to transform the food into energy.

The first port of call looking at fatigue is working out where it is coming from, and if there are any lifestyle changes that need to be made to help prevent fatigue and increase your energy stores.

What can you do to help fight fatigue?

Acupuncture support

Acupuncture works with the energy of our body and it is a way to help to readjust imbalances in our body. Once we have worked out the cause of the fatigue, for example if it is insomnia, digestive issues, pregnancy, menopause or post viral fatigue. A course of acupuncture therapy can help rebalance the functions of the body to fight fatigue and feel we can make it through the day with energy. Sometimes an acupuncture session can be a well earned rest!

Herbal support

There are some great herbs to help restore our energy levels. The beauty of Chinese herbs is that there are herbs that help to increase your energy levels while at the same time address the cause behind why you are experiencing fatigue! What in our body is not functioning properly that is causing fatigue and using herbs to address this issue.

Looking at our diet

Diet can have a lot to do with fatigue. Our energy resources come from the foods and fluids we consume. We might not be nourishing our body with foods that support our energy needs, or our digestive system may actually be struggling to digest the foods we do eat. Sometimes a change in the way we eat can improve our energy levels. This is why I often give out a diet diary to see what improvements we can make to diet to increase our energy levels. Sometimes it is as easy as changing the way we cook our foods. Other times it might be a lot more in depth.

Lifestyle Choices

Modern life is not easy and there are a lot of stress that we have to deal with on a day to day basis. This stress can cause tension in our bodies that can lead to fatigue. Chronic stress from work, traffic, family issues and so on all have an impact on our energy levels. Over time this chronic stress has a huge impact on our health and energy levels. So while receiving acupuncture and herbal support, looking at lifestyle and its impact on your body and energy levels is another way to fight fatigue.


Are we doing enough exercise, or are we doing too much exercise? Too much exercise may have contributed to fatigue to the extent there is no more energy resources to do any exercise. However there are restorative styles of exercise that help to improve our energy and help with fatigue. Breathing exercises, restorative style yoga or yin yoga, and tai chi or qi gong are all styles of exercise that can help build up energy and reduce fatigue.

Chinese medicine is a great addition to managing fatigue. If this is something you are struggling with please book in for a health assessment consultation at Mei Hua Chinese Medicine Clinic in Redcliffe.

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