Feeling sad in Autumn

If you are feeling sad in autumn, don’t despair. Autumn is the time of sadness. To find out more read on!

Sadness, the metal element and lungs

In Chinese medicine, each season has a corresponding element and organ. Most people have heard of the five elements. They are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. It is a way to look at the energy of nature and how it is reflected in our bodies. If we look at autumn, its element is metal. It is a time of gathering and moving inwards. To protect our bodies of the cooler months that are ahead. The metal element’s organ is lung, and the emotion of lung is sadness.

Sadness is a natural emotion. We all feel it at times in our lives. It also has a healing capacity if we know how to use it. Sadness is about sensitivity. When we are sad we have the ability to be sensitive to the world around us and to ourselves. We are able to see beauty in the world when we are in touch with sadness. Sadness is the emotion we use to reflect on our lives.

Autumn is an ideal time to reflect on the last year and what you went through. This is so relevant to what the world has gone through in the last 12-18 months. It has been an unprecedented time of a complete world shut down. We have experienced fear, anxiety and stress. It has been a time of isolation for many. They have been such uncertain times where we have worried about our loved ones who are sometimes far far away. There have been times when we have not been able to say our final goodbyes.

Letting go of Sadness

When we don’t spend time reflecting on the past and letting it go, it effects our health. Holding on to sadness weakens the lungs. When sadness is not let go of, it can cause a problem with the lungs. The ability of the lungs to disperse nutrients to the rest of the body is impaired, and the lungs become full of gunk. Unresolved sadness, grief and repressed emotions can weaken your lungs and you may be plagued with respiratory conditions and poor immune response.

If sadness is used properly, it can help to clear what is repressed by looking in and letting go of what is no longer serving you. You can identify old hurts you were not in a position to deal with at the time and transform them. The first step is being aware and mindful of them. The second step is deep breathing into the pain and emotion that arises. This can help clear past emotions and thoughts. You can also release old hurts and emotions by sharing with others or writing in a journal. Another way of addressing letting go of sadness and grief is adding pungent foods to the diet in autumn.

The effect of healthy lungs on your psyche

When the energy of the lungs is strong and healthy it is reflected in your ability to be committed and steadfast. If you have strong lungs you have the ability to be unified, to maintain strength and direction, to create order and be effective in what you do.

However, you would also have the ability to let go of what is no longer serving you. And this is where the large intestine comes in – the ability to let go. For example, if you are letting go of a relationship, while you experience the grief and loss, you can resolve it in a timely manner and resolve the grief so it does not turn into a long term attachment.

The lungs are our first defense to the outside world, and we want them to be functioning well to avoid the respiratory diseases, colds and flus we often find around seasons of transition. If you breath through your nose, the little hairs can catch and contain pathogens, preventing them to go further down the respiratory tract. So many people are in the bad habit of breathing through their mouth.

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