How do you sabotage your health without realizing it?

Not living our core values in our life can have a profound effect on our body and mind. By steering away from our core values we create disease and the signs and symptoms of physical and emotional illness.

The foundations of which we live our life are our values. If we were to give up our values we would be deceiving ourselves and not living in harmony with our potential self. This giving up our values is what creates disease in life.

Let’s look at this more in depth. Some of my values may include:

  1. Health
  2. Family
  3. Travel

If health was one of my core values, then you would expect me to be living a healthy life. For me this would include exercise, breathing and relaxation techniques to decrease stress of everyday living, spending time in the outdoors – the forests or beaches, to recharge and feel more at peace. I would eat a diet full of vegetables, fruits with a balance of protein and healthy fats; and spend time doing things I love with people I love. I would receive regular treatments when I was starting to feel out of sorts or in pain. All this would contribute to health being one of my life values.

Now, if instead of nurturing my health, I spent time sitting on the couch, stuffing my face with hot dogs, seasoned chips, donuts and ice-cream watching a marathon of TV shows, hibernating away from family and friends; how would you imagine I feel? I would be rejecting one of my core values of maintaining my health. This would lead to dis-ease as I was not being honest to myself about what is important to me. It would lead to signs and symptoms of depression, anger, resentment as well as weight gain and all sorts of disease because I was not nourishing my life.

This is where the signs and symptoms of disease start to manifest. Every time we steer away from our core values we will experience side effects. These may include emotions such as anger and resentment towards ourselves and others. It may lead to physical symptoms of illness such as tight shoulders, digestive complaints or even menstrual complaints. Unfortunately by the time we realize we are not living to our values, we have years of undoing the damage to return to our values and our true self.

The art of nourishing life – how to start today

  • Write down your 5 most important values. These may include for example – money, family, spirituality, connection to community. What ever means the most to you.
  • Ask yourself – are you living them or not?
  • f you are not – what are you going to do change so you can be back at 1 with living your values?

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