Spring into spring with energy and vigour!

Spring, it is characterized by birth, and new growth in Nature. The world is waking up after a cold winter and there is new growth everywhere, from baby animals to new trees and plants. It is time to start afresh, to leave the cold winter months behind us and lighten the body. Invigorate it with the resurgence of the new energy into the world. There is more movement, things become alive and expand.

Chinese medicine has some great tips to stay healthy during Spring. Partly it is to be aware of what is happening around us in nature and live in harmony with these changes.

As the weather begins to warm, it is still unpredictable. It is sometimes cool, sometime warm and usually rather windy. During the change of season, it is still wise to stay rugged up. Enjoy lemon and ginger tea with honey, or honey and mint tea if you feel a little frustrated and irritable.

A great way to start the say is to have warm water with lemon. Then, before breakfast, invigorate your liver and gall bladder meridians with pummelling the buttocks, side of your thighs and your inner thighs. It is a great way to get the sluggish energy from winter moving.

  • Spring foods : eat lots of green leafy vegetables and herbs like mint, coriander, basil and parsley, bean spouts and bamboo shoots, chicken, fish, white wine, pungent spices, cabbage, beetroot, root vegetables, seeds.
  • Avoid heavy dense foods such as dairy foods, nuts, fried foods, heavy meat dishes.
  • Food flavours: We need a little bit of sour foods, as well as sweet and pungent to balance the energy of spring.
  • Cooking methods: We no longer need the warming heavy foods of winter. It is now time to cook foods more quickly. Stir frying or steaming foods is ideal for spring.
  • Leafy bitter greens such as romaine lettuce, asparagus, radish leaves, dandelion and chamomile may help with inflammation and allergies.

Spring is time to be creative, to make changes to old habits and begin something new. The energy is expansive and outward, the time of new beginnings. To detox and lighten your body, mind and heart. Go for walks in nature, start a new hobby, go out and be social, call on a friend. The time of winter hibernation is over. Go out and love life.

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