Hormonal health in menopause

Did you know?

Did you know our hormones increase during menopause? There are so many symptoms of hormonal imbalance in menopause. Some of these include hot flushes, spontaneous sweating, anxiety, fatigue and emotional ups and downs.

Menopause equals change. This change happens throughout the body not just in our ovaries or uterus. Some of our hormones increase and some of them decrease. If we mess with one hormone, it can mess with all the others as hormones work with feed back loops. These hormones are our messengers.

Some of the difficulty we have in our menopausal years is actually from the increase in the hormonal load our body needs to deal with. It is too simple to say our baby making hormone progesterone stops and the monthly production of estradial levels stops. Because yes, they do. But we still have our baseline estrogens. They remain the same. However our LH and FSH levels dramatically increase!

Are you angrier?

So the hormone load our body deals with in menopause is higher not lower. This higher load of hormones can cause issues with us as we go through menopause. Not only are we making more hormones, our liver takes on more work in recycling them. In Chinese medicine when our liver energy is overworked, overloaded or congested we can become more angry. Who finds they are more angry or irritable in menopause?

It is all about wholefoods….

There is a hot (no pun intended) debate on the phyoestrogens in soy products and whether they are healthy for you or not. In fact there are many plants rich in phytoestrogens. While these foods are consumed as part of our diet in their whole form they appear to be safe. A diet rich in wholefoods is our number 1 tip to reduce our menopausal symptoms. The reason being is there are phytoestrogens in nearly every plant, though in different concentrations. Some foods rich in phytoestrogens include seaweeds, berries, seeds and root vegetables.

And our gut!

The catch is we need a healthy gut biome for these foods to be converted into hormones for us to use. When we eat foods rich in phytoestrogens, and they are converted by a healthy gut biome, we have the hormones our body needs. So don’t forget to add in fermented foods like miso, sauerkraut and yogurt.

Don’t forget healthy fats.

Now for those of us wanting to lose weight, decreasing fats in our diet is not wise as hormones are made from fat and cholesterol! Fats also help us absorb many vitamins. So you can be nutrient deficient if you are not eating enough healthy fats in your diet.

The fats we want in our diet are from wild caught fish, walnuts, chia seeds. Avocado, eggs, coconut oil and olive oil are all great to add to.

Foods as medicine. Start here with eating wholefoods in moderation. You do not need to suffer during menopause!

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