Finding Balance and Peace during Menopause

Lifestyle Changes for Peace during Menopause

We all want to experience peace during menopause. Yet sometimes it seems so elusive. Lifestyle changes may help in  prolonging the effect of treatment you receive for menopausal symptoms and also for long-term benefit. Not only will they help with reducing symptoms of the change you are experiencing, they will also improve your quality of life and sense of well being.

Stress increases menopausal symptoms

In a previous article we discussed  the role of our essence in ageing. Imagine a deep reservoir of water. When it is full of water it nourishes the earth around it. When it dries, the flora around it also withers. This is like our essence, it is like a reservoir that declines as we age. Yet, through lifestyle choices we can maintain our reservoir levels so we do not deplete them quickly. This is anti-ageing.

Our essence is precious and ideally we are wanting to preserve and store it to help us age gracefully. Stress has a negative impact on our essence. As Essence is stored in the kidneys, when the adrenals are depleted by too much work or sex, poor food, or lack of sleep, then essence is lost.

In this way, women need to find time for renewal, balancing work with play. Good quality and quantity of sleep, a nutritious diet, and eliminating  excesses  are all beneficial for balance during the menopausal years.

Finding Balance is the key to peace

The key is balance. If balance exists, then illness has more of a chance to disappear. Although menopause and the decline of Precious Essence is a natural process, many menopausal symptoms are caused by imbalance in the body.

  • Try meditation and breathing exercises
    These can restore our Essence and are wonderful for menopause. Exercises such as Qi Gong or Restorative Yoga are fantastic. They are rejuvenating, and can strengthen the body. They nourish the qi through breathing exercises, and they strengthen the body through the movement of energy. These are exercises that stimulate the endocrine system and lungs. Yoga and qi gong improve longevity while increasing the sense of harmony within one’s self in relation to the world.
  • Take a retreat for one or two hours each week . This can help with stress relief, general enjoyment and quality of life.
  • Tolerance and forgiveness towards yourself and others restores the peace and wellbeing.
  • As you keep practicing you will develop a sensation of wellbeing and peace of mind.

Nourish your body

Eat plenty of:

  1. vegetables, especially leafy greens, prepared according to season
  2. whole grains including rice, spelt, oats
  3. include seaweed in the diet
  4. Choose foods that are high in vitamin and mineral content.

Eat in moderation

  • fruit and fruit juices
  • Eat organic meat and fish
  • Dairy products

Try to avoid

  • caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes.
  • Most animal foods are full of hormones, find an organic source of meats and dairy products.
  • processed foods, additives, sugar, bread or flour.

Food for thought

  • Prepare food according to season: raw in the summer and cooked during the cooler months.
  • Eat locally grown fruits and vegetables that are in season. This is eating in harmony with nature
  • Be mindful that the amount of protein we need varies. Someone who is very active — for example, a gardener who is moving plants and rocks all day — will need more protein than an office worker.

In another article we discussed treatment options during menopause and how life style choices may affect the outcome of treatment. Online consultations are available for women not in the local area.

If you are struggling with  symptoms relating to Menopause and need help to manage relating to Menopause naturally,  Book here for a Health assessment.

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