“In these first 40 days after delivery, it can seem as if all the world wants to come and hold your baby. But to fully inhabit your new role as a mother – with astonishing requirements for giving energy, attention and love – it is you who must be held.”

– The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother, by Heng Ou,‎ Amely Greeven and Marisa Belger

Our postpartum period is not just a few days or a few weeks. It is a time to ensure we as mothers are also cared for, to promote connection to our baby and recover after pregnancy and birth.

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The Golden Month

In traditional societies. a new mother is supported in making the transition to motherhood during the month after birth. It is a time where energy is focused on recovering from pregnancy and the momentous experience of childbirth.

The goal of the Golden Month is to

Rest and recover from your pregnancy and birth

Rejuvenate your body and health for motherhood

To bond with your baby

Golden Pearls for recovery

Rest – Organize help for cooking, cleaning and helping with the new baby so you can get well needed rest after child birth. Fatigue is common after pregnancy and birth. Rest is vital to recovering and remaining healthy during your postpartum period.

Nourishing foods – You are still feeding for two. It is incredibly important to eat nourishing warming foods and liquids to help support your body as well as create breast milk. Women are often low in iron post child birth, and may be low in other essential vitamins and minerals hence the need for eating well. To avoid fatigue and exhaustion, to remain resilient eat nourishing foods.

Keeping warm – This is from the belief that the mother and baby are vulnerable to the elements after child birth. It can prevent illness and help with healing. Mother warming is a technique used for postpartum mums to help promote healing and recovery after pregnancy and birth. It is a moxa technique used in clinic and also can be done at home.

Support – your partner, family, friends, community or doula are all possibilities to consider to help navigate the postpartum period. Support also includes natural therapies such as herbs, moxa and acupuncture to promote your recovery, avoid fatigue, depression and overwhelm that is common in the post partum period.

Postpartum Healing Package

Chinese medicine has a long tradition is supporting women’s health post labour.

I have designed a postpartum care program to honour the healing aspect of the new mother. It is to support recovery from pregnancy and birth so you feel nourished, with strength to nurture yourself and your new baby, to have the ease and grace to embody motherhood.

The package sent to you includes:

  • an ebook on postpartum practices
  • tips on how to prepare for your postpartum time
  • herbal sachets for soups
  • meal suggestions
  • special herbs for bathing and steaming
  • postpartum healing kit

Post Partum Healing Program

The post partum care program is to support the mother to recover from pregnancy and birth so she feels nourished and has the strength to nurture herself and the new child. It may include addressing physical complaints post birth as well as helping the mum adapt to the new responsibilities of having a new born child. This may include treatment for exhaustion, blood loss, insufficient milk production, fluctuating emotions and post natal depression.

The post natal care program includes:

1. One ante-natal home visit for healing treatment and herbal consultation in the first week post birth. The herbal consultation is to prescribe an individualised herbal  formula for reovery.

2. Weekly healing sessions for 3 -6 weeks depending on needs .

This all may be an effective means of restoring a woman’s health post birth and therefore supporting her recovery. There is also the special post labour self care warming moxa technique to assist in recovery.

The Golden Month in traditional cultures is the month of supporting women through the post natal period. By supporting the new mum through this period not only is nourishing to her, but also to the new baby and the family as a whole.