Birth preparation with acupuncture

Birth preparation with acupuncture

It can be information overload when you are preparing for birth. There are so many books, videos, classes and  advice. It can be overwhelming. As birth approaches, there may be many physical and emotional ailments that can affect well-being and the natural transition into labour. This is where birth preparation with acupuncture can assist.

Often the first time many people hear of acupuncture during pregnancy if they are overdue and acupuncture it is suggested by a midwife, obstetrician or GP to go see an acupuncturist to help start labour spontaneously to avoid a medical induction. However there are many reasons to receive acupuncture during pregnancy and one of those is for birth preparation.

Birth preparation with acupuncture consists of weekly sessions from 36 weeks until the onset of labour. Some of the aims of the treatments are

  • to promote relaxation
  • relieve anxiety and fear leading up to birth
  • reducing stress
  • improve blood flow to cervix to soften and prepare for birth
  • assist in the management of pregnancy complaints like pain and swelling
  • relax the muscles and tendons

Birth is an incredible time for women, as they are about to embark on an incredibly personal journey into motherhood. Whether it is the first time, or another addition to the family. In the weeks before pregnancy, being grounded and centered, preparing for the dramatic changes that are going to occur may help with the transition of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

During treatment sessions, information is shared on how acupressure by a support person during labour may help with pain management and how to recover after birth.

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