Development through the months of pregnancy according to Classical Chinese Medicine Part 1

The first 3 months

In Classical Chinese medicine, pregnancy is considered a spiritual action. It is advised to often partake in prayer and contemplation while being surrounded by things of beauty and pleasantry. Immerse yourself with relaxing music, beautiful art, nature and pleasant contented thoughts. Avoid violent and aggressive scenes.

In the guidelines of what to eat and how to live, the energetics of flavours of food and emotions play a part. This will be explained as we go through guidelines month by month.. Here we will to begin with the first 3 months.

Month 1: The first 4 weeks, from conception.

In the first month of pregnancy, your embryo is newly formed. It is the unification of your essences, the essence of mother and father. Eat and drink ‘’exquisite and thoroughly cooked’’ foods, sour broths and barley.

Sour flavour is contracting and containing. The embryo will be nestling into the wall of your uterus and we help contain it by the sour flavour.

Avoid rancid and acrid flavours. Rancid foods are to be avoided to ensure there is no food poisoning.. Acrid flavour is avoided as its energy is expansive, moving out, which is opposite to what we are encouraging with the sour flavour – containing the embryo in.

Sleep often, in a peaceful and quiet environment, to allow the embryo to have a strong anchor. Avoid strenuous activity. Exercise gently with walks, stretches and daily chores.

Avoid fear and alarm. These emotions have the energy of flight – the movement in an outward direction which is what we are trying to avoid

Month 2: 4-8 weeks

The essence of your child is being formed. If you imagine seeing the growth of a tree from a seed, this is the time where a little shoot coming from the seed. The spark of growth begins, while still being contained within the seed. Live in a quiet location, avoiding alarm and fear. Continue to avoid foul swelling and  acrid foods.

Usually around 6 weeks morning sickness begins. Include acupressure on PC 6, SP 4 and moxa CV 12. Ask for point location and moxa directions for these points.

Month 3: 8-12 weeks

In the third month of pregnancy, external events of the world start to influence the embryo through your eyes. In Chinese medicine, because your heart is connected to your baby, what you see will influence it and its growth. We are shaped by all we experience and see. The eyes are the windows to our soul, and through your eyes, the babies soul.

The embryo is starting to become its own individual entity and its shape is becoming stabilised. Avoid sadness, grief, overthinking and preoccupation, fright and busyness.

Next week we will continue with guideline in the second trimester.

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