Development through the months of pregnancy according to Classical Chinese Medicine – Part 2

Here we continue on from the previous article regarding the development and recommendations during pregnancy. We are focusing on months 4-6. The fetus is now receiving nourishment from the placenta. The fetus is now starting to receive energy from the 5 elements – water, fire, earth, metal, wood. You can find more information on the 5 elements in this article.

Month 4 of pregnancy:

In the weeks 12 – 16 the fetus starts to receive energy from the elements. This month it receives energy from the water element which is used to develop the hydrological system, blood and vessels. During this month the bowels are developed.

It is recommended to eat glutinous and non glutinous rice, fish and wild goose broth. This will make the qi and blood bountiful so that the ears, eyes are nourished and there is abundant flow in the channels and vessels.

The mother is to moderately eat and drink, be serene and peaceful with harmony between the heart and will.

Month 5

In the weeks 16-20 the fetus begins to receive essence from the fire element which is used to develop life force. Eat glutinous rice and wheat, drink  beef, sheep or goat soup. The soup needs to be balanced in the 5 flavours – sweet, sour, acrid, bitter and salty which helps the development of the internal organs. In the morning sit in the suns rays to soak up the warmth and avoid cold. Sleep in, wear warm clothing, avoid drying foods, hunger and being too active. Gentle breathing exercises are ideal. The fetus’s 4 limbs are developing during this time.

Month 6:

This month is about nourishing the tendons of the fetus and it receives the element of metal. During this time the mother is not to retreat to quiet places but to roam outside in nature, watching animals running free. If possible eat wild hunted meats to strengthen the spine. During this month the mouth and eyes are developing. Eat a diet balanced in the 5 flavours and enjoy sweets and delicacies. However do not over eat.

This information is sourced from Xu Zhi Cai’s Month by Month Prescriptions for Nurturing the Fetus, Translated by Sabine Wilms, Ph.D.

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