Morning sickness relief for a natural pregnancy

Morning sickness relief for a natural pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Are you feeling nauseous, tired and unwell?

Queasy, feeling off colour, vomiting, find smells hard to handle? Do you want to have a healthy pregnancy and have relief from those feelings of nausea, vomiting and exhaustion!? Are you looking for natural relief from morning sickness? 

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs for morning sickness

Don’t despair! There are some natural solutions in Chinese medicine to help ease the symptoms of morning sickness. If you are looking for a natural solution to nausea and vomiting, acupuncture and Chinese herbs may just be a solution for you.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs for morning sickness

First of all, Chinese medicine does not have a ’one remedy fits all’ treatment. This is because each woman is different. Morning sickness is not treated. The woman suffering from it is treated. For this reason in the first consultation we go through a full health assessment.

A full health assessment is needed as your general health prior to and at onset of pregnancy can affect the experience you have throughout your pregnancy, including your experience with morning sickness. It helps us determine how long you may need treatment for.

The best time to seek treatment is when you are about 4 weeks pregnant before morning sickness usually begins. This is the optimal time. However, you can still get relief if you are already experiencing nausea and vomiting.  A couple of sessions of acupuncture  may provide relief of morning sickness, or more treatments may be required depending on the diagnosis and how you respond to the treatment.

Self care strategies for morning sickness

There are some self-care strategies to help relieve the symptoms that can be used in conjunction with herbal or acupuncture treatment.

1. Rest – the first 12 weeks of pregnancy the body is working overtime. The feeling of fatigue and queasiness is common. Your body is creating the conditions to support and grow another life and your energy is going towards nourishing the little being growing inside. Rest and relax.

2. Eat small amounts of food often. Every 2-3 hours, especially protein foods.

3. Exercise – gentle exercise including yoga, tai chi, go for walks in the fresh air, take big deep breaths all the way into the belly.

4. Remain hydrated – you can add lemon, peppermint, ginger and other fruits to the water for an infusion. Ginger is often used for morning sickness, however for some women it will make it worse. 

5. Massage – There is a point on the wrist that is commonly used for treating nausea. Place your little finger on the wrist crease when your palm is facing upwards, and then place the rest of the fingers along the arm between the tendons. The point is where the middle finger falls. Massaging this point may help feelings of nausea.

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