Is pelvic and lower back pain getting you down in pregnancy?

Pain in pregnancy

Are you experiencing lower back or pelvic pain?

It is understandable not to want to take medication while pregnant. Yet the discomfort of pregnancy can sometimes be overwhelming. Pain during pregnancy can disturb sleep, everyday activities and even the ability to work. You may be experiencing pain may as mild discomfort, for  it may be having significant impact on your lifestyle. If pain is getting you down, book in for treatment and you will also learn self care for the relief of pain you can do at home.

Pain commonly experienced by pregnant women include back, coccyx and pelvic pain. As the pregnancy increases and the weight of the growing baby puts strain on your body, pain can be excruciating and debilitating. There are some really simple techniques to manage pain during pregnancy. At Mei Hua Chinese Medicine Clinic, in addition to treatment, you are also taught self care practices you and your partner can do to help alleviate pain at home.


Pelvic Girdle, Lower Back  and Coccyx Pain

Up to 1 in 5 women may  suffer from pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy. Almost half of pregnant women will suffer form back pain during pregnancy and after birth.  Pain maybe in the lower back, coccyx and buttocks although some may also feel discomfort at the front of  pelvic area. Some women even experience radiating pain down one or both of their legs.  The pain may worse if they have to stand or sit for a long time.

In 7% of women the pain continues after they have given birth becoming a chronic lower back issue. Yet many women are not treated for pain and remain in discomfort throughout their pregnancy. Back and pelvic pain are not normal in pregnancy. There are natural therapy options available.

Book in for a consultation if you are experiencing pain.  Natural simple pain relief is available with treatment and self care practices.






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