Threatened miscarriage

Bleeding during the early stages of pregnancy is really alarming. What do you do when your healthcare provider advises you there is nothing to do, go home and wait to see what happens?

The waiting time can be mind numbing, the grief is overwhelming. If you are in the first trimester you may not have even told anyone you were pregnant. This can be isolating for you, not having support. The thing most needed during this time is support and care.

Bleeding in the first trimester is common. About 15-20% of women experience bleeding in pregnancy. In some cases it is the beginning of a miscarriage, for other women the bleeding stops and their pregnancy continues. In both cases it is not easy. Especially if you have experienced a number of miscarriages.

What can you do? Try acupuncture. Acupuncture is safe in pregnancy.

Acupuncture can provide supportive care for women experiencing a threatened miscarriage. It can help with reducing stress and improving sleep. Ensure you have a healthy diet and bed rest. Stop work, avoid coffee and spicy foods. Do not do any heavy lifting. This includes house work.

You may also be prescribed Chinese herbal medicine.

Receiving supportive care in early pregnancy has a beneficial effect for women. If you are experiencing bleeding during your pregnancy and your health care provider has asked you to go home, to wait and see, please reach out and book in for acupuncture.

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