Your child’s birth story

We have all arrived here with stories told or untold. We all have a history, or a her-story. It is the tapestry of life that is woven on a web of our emotional, spiritual and physical journeys. All we have experienced is the road map to get us here.

Where is here? Pregnant. With all the wealth of knowledge, often conflicting of what you are meant to do and eat. It is confusing and frustrating.

What does your heart say? Stop and ask. Connect with your heart, put your hand there. Connect with the heart of your baby. Put your hand on your belly.

Together you are one. Now you are a vehicle to enable life, to experience the journey of parenthood. Can you imagine what it is like?

Every parent does the best they can. Every mother does the best she can, with the resources she has. A mother’s love is protective, nurturing and gentle. As well as fierce and bold.

Our birth stories are in the keeping of our mothers. We experienced our own birth, how many years ago. Not many of us know our birth stories. Where was it? How long did it take? What was our mother’s experience of birthing? How much do we know about our mother’s or grandmothers pregnancy and birth stories? These are all the shared experiences of what makes us who we are.

Now you are pregnant, the birth you will experience is your child’s birth story. Many of us will have a preconceived idea of what we want it to be like.

I have been to many births, some incredible home water births, others at natural birthing centres with flowers, holy water and mantra sung by midwives and birth attendants as the baby was entering the world.

Every baby has its own soul script, which is deeply intertwined with yours as you carry it during pregnancy, as you birth, care and nurture this new baby.

Honour yourself as a mother, as a caregiver. What a privilege and honour it is in sharing the journey of your child  toward adulthood.

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