I have more and more women coming into my clinic with this diagnosis lately. Often it is because they are suffering form period pain, struggling to fall pregnant, or they have abdominal bloating that just doesn’t go away. Their lower abdomen might be warm to touch, they experience painful periods, abdominal bloating and heavy bleeding.

Common does not equal normal

Periods are not meant to hurt. They are not meant to effect your life. Women think this is normal because that is what they have always experienced. Their friends might, their mum might so it is thought to be normal. Period pain is common! But it is not normal.

Periods are not meant to be so heavy that you need to take time off and hide while you bleed. Gynaecology is a rich area in Chinese medicine history. There are some amazing formulas in the classical textbooks for problems with the menstrual cycle. From pain to heavy bleeding.

You are not just a sum of your bits

When we look at painful periods with the lens of Chinese Medicine, we don’t just consider the uterus and pelvic area. Women are not just bits, they are a whole person. We become a detective to find out what is going on. A diagnosis includes questions about sleep, lifestyle and emotions. We look at your digestive system and how your body functions as a whole.

If you have recently received the diagnosis of adenomyosis, consider exploring Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. At Mei Hua Chinese Medicine clinic we also offer Gentling Way consultations and treatment. This incorporates abdominal and uterine therapy. Gentling Way treatments are usually done in an intensive of 3-6 treatments.

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