How to help your teenage daughter with her periods

Hormonal daughters and/ or painful periods

I often recall the dread I hear in parents voices when they speak of the teenage years, of out of control, hormonal daughters. Puberty need not be fraught with emotional outbursts if our bodies work as they should. If the body is not in balance, there are warning signs that we often ignore and just think they are a natural part of our and our daughters’ menstrual cycle.
Unfortunately these warning signs are often complicated by masking with medications – whether it is pain or hormonal control which just mask the symptoms rather than fix what is not working well.

The imbalance in the body may have begun in utero or throughout the early years of her life which we go about undoing and then teaching you and your daughter self-care to keep your body functioning well and in balance.

How to help

What we do in treatments is to build up and harmonise the blood essence, improve the flow of qi that causes all sorts of problems when it is built up and not flowing well, and cool heat which could have been around since birth.
The results of this work may include clearing the skin of pimples, easy painless periods and improvements in mood.
However to maintain this harmonious living does include being aware of what we eat and drink have an effect on our bodies and menstrual cycle. High sugary diet, drinking too much alcohol and not getting enough sleep and exercise all have a negative impact on our health
Periods the body is working, it is like a health report card. So many women tell me they thought it was just normal to have painful periods.

My Story

I did. I had terribly painful periods, I was in excruciating pain and would roll side to side just to get a few seconds relief. The pain medication became less and less effective as time went on. It wasn’t until later, after seeing a Chinese herbalist and spending time healing my body with Shiatsu, acupuncture and dietary therapy did I start having painless periods.

Painless unproblematic periods

Our periods aren’t meant to be painful, our emotions can be calm and harmonious and our blood flow red and flow smoothly. Nor should there be headaches or pimples, constipation, diarrhea or exhaustion related to the menstrual cycle. It tells us our body needs some attention to bring it into balance.

By addressing issues with the menstrual cycle in the teenage years may save years of pain discomfort and fertility issues when they are older.

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