No! Period Pain is not Normal

Relieve period pain naturally

Do you suffer from period pain? Do you feel exhausted, curled up with hot packs. Or do you take medication each month to keep period pain at bay? Period pain is not normal. Pain before, during or after the menstrual period is suffered by many many women. I suffered it myself for years. Memories of the agony and rolling over in bed to try and relieve the pain, but only receiving a couple of seconds’ relief. Heat packs gave a small amount of relief and I lay in bed exhausted, with pain coursing down my thighs. Pain month after month, year after year. I just put up with it, not knowing there was a way to be pain free with my period.

Not until I discovered Chinese medicine. Wow. For a long time now I have not experienced period pain every month.

It is possible to have pain free periods. Chinese medicine offers a number of options to relieve pain naturally.

Herbal medicine for period pain

There is not a ‘one pill fits all’ type of treatment. You will come in and have a complete health assessment to look at what is causing the pain. Herbs are then prescribed according to the cause and symptoms you suffer. While on the herbs you may even find other health issues clear up as well. Pain can be experienced differently. You may suffer a generalised ache across your lower abdomen, or it may be an excruciating stabbing pain in one area, it may even feel like someone is twisting your insides.

The degrees of pain also vary. You may have to take a day off work because you cannot function because of the pain, or it may just be a little niggle hat is just there if you focus it on it. All this is taken into account during diagnosis and treatment of your period pain.

Acupuncture for period pain

From experience, and according to research[i], acupuncture is also an option for the treatment of period pain. Again, treatment varies depending on diagnosis and symptoms as does the length of time it takes.

In a recent study, women receiving 12 frequent acupuncture sessions felt less pain, other related symptoms improved as did their quality of life.[ii]

In addition to acupuncture and medicinal herbal tea, other therapies used in the treatment of period pain include cupping and moxibustion. Mosa is a medicinal herb often used in traditional acupuncture treatment.

For more information on how Chinese medicine may help relieve your period pain and  to book in for treatments please Contact Mei Hua Chinese Medicine Clinic.

[i] The Role of Treatment Timing and Mode of Stimulation in the Treatment of Primary Dysmenorrhea with Acupuncture: An Exploratory Randomised Controlled Trial, is available online at



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