Heavy periods? When is a period too heavy?

Is my period too heavy?

80ml or more of menstrual blood per period is considered to be a heavy period. Made with Repix (http://repix.it)Regular size tampons and pads absorbs 5ml of blood.  Super size tampons and pads absorbs 10 ml of blood. The normal range is needing to change every 2 hours to 3 times a day.

If you are changing more frequently than every 2 hours, then it is a good idea to seek help.

Heavy bleeding can by frustrating, embarrassing and cause fatigue from the large volume of blood loss. Fortunately, Chinese Medicine can help reduce heavy bleeding in a safe and non-invasive way.

 Treatment with Chinese medicine

A tea of Chinese herbs and/or acupuncture are used to stop the excessive bleeding. Chinese medicine also focuses on treating the cause, thereby regulating the natural rhythms of the body.

Chinese medicine is an ancient healing system that has been around before the inventions of microscopes. It has a unique way of describing the physiology and pathology of the body that many people in modern day life may find confusing. However it is effective and offers a natural alternative in treating menstrual disorders.

Furthermore, diagnosis includes looking at the person as a whole and questions range from sleeping patterns, emotions, digestive health and the menstrual cycle. In the area of gynecology, Chinese medicine has many pearls to help regulate periods and to reduce the amount of bleeding.

Treatment may include acupuncture, moxabustion, Chinese herbs and dietary advice. For more information on treatment or to

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