Mei Hua Chinese Medicine Clinic provides natural solutions for healing and wellbeing.

The main focus of Mei Hua Chinese Medicine Clinic is women's gynecological health, fertility and pregnancy.  I also treat pain, skin conditions and general health for the whole family.

Chinese medicine focuses on you, the person, and the way your body is functioning. If it is not functioning correctly, your body is considered to be not in balance. Your body sends messages it needs some help. Our style of medicine aims to bring your body back in balance.


"Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go, they merely determine where you start."

Nido Quebin

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Acupuncture can help relieve pain in many conditions.

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About Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is one of the oldest medicine systems in the world.

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I have more and more women coming into my clinic with this diagnosis lately. Often it is because they are suffering form period pain, struggling to fall pregnant, or they have abdominal bloating that just doesn’t go away. Their lower abdomen might be warm to touch, they experience painful periods, abdominal bloating and heavy bleeding.…

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Menopause = an increase in hormones

Did you know? Did you know our hormones increase during menopause? Menopause equals change. This change happens throughout the body not just in our ovaries or uterus. Some of our hormones increase and some of them decrease. If we mess with one hormone, it can mess with all the others as hormones work with feed…

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Nourishing Life in Winter

The art of nourishing life is about looking out into the natural world and following the principles we see in nature. It makes sense on a fundamental level. However with the busy-ness of our lives we often are blinded by what is going on around us. We are busy running to the next appointment, getting…

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Phases of the menstrual cycle

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Feeling sad in Autumn

If you are feeling sad in autumn, don’t despair. Autumn is the time of sadness. To find out more read on! Sadness, the metal element and lungs In Chinese medicine, each season has a corresponding element and organ. Most people have heard of the five elements. They are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. It…

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9 tips to stay in tune with autumn

What you can do to stay in tune with autumn Go to bed earlier and rise earlier Be more peaceful and partake in quiet reflection Gently moisten the lungs and body surfaces, including the sinus and throat. Add sour foods to your diet and eat nourishing fluid producing foods to combat the dryness of autumn…

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Anxiety and menopause

Panic, palpitations and impending doom As we career towards menopause, our reproductive hormones can have a huge impact on our emotions. One common feeling I hear many women experience during peri-menopause and menopause is anxiety. The feeling is anxiety can be so overwhelming. The feeling of panic, palpitations and impending doom. Not only can you…

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Threatened miscarriage

Bleeding during the early stages of pregnancy is really alarming. What do you do when your healthcare provider advises you there is nothing to do, go home and wait to see what happens? The waiting time can be mind numbing, the grief is overwhelming. If you are in the first trimester you may not have…

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Rethinking Fertility

Fertility is creation Rethinking fertility treatments. Sometimes when you are so stressed and anxious about falling pregnant and having a baby, you may forget the end goal. Fertility is creation. The creation of life, the coming together of the male and female essence to create life. To support creation, we need to nurture your body,…

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